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Fashion for the Urban Cyclicts

Our philosophy is to "liberate" bikers from multicolored sportswear and
to develop the highest quality Street Fashion for cyclists in an urban environment.
We love an idea “ bicycle-to-office” fashion that combines business suiting with fashion elements and novel natural materials (e.g. recycled bicycle inner tubes, weather proofing fabrics) with daily functionality, and as a result offers a high elegance and daily chic.

Sewing from bicycle inner tubes

Our signature is the use of recycled bicycle inner tubes.
The material is amazingly resistant to wear and washing, and it (even) gains shine over time.
It is a great and environmentally-friendly substitute for genuine leather.

With us into the darkness

A vital accessory are the details made of reflective stripes of different colours.
While some are visible, others remain hidden until you reveal them.

Excellent material Ventile®

Ventile® fabrics for RAF clothing went into mass production in 1943.
Ventile is impregnated with a high quality DWR system.
The material has excellent protection against the wind, rain, snow and cold.

Ventile® Bicycle Suit

If you want an all-in-one luxury package, have your suit made to measure.
You can ride your bike even to an audience.

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Bicycle Ventile® Jacket

The ageless black stylish jacket will never get old fashioned.

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Bicycle Ventile® Shorts

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Ventile® Overhead Jacket

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The Kelos material

This material is mainly used for outer clothing.
Kelos is thin and lightweight but very strong and durable
fabric with a special water resistant finish.

Bicycle Waterproof Parka

female parka male parka
photos: Michal Ureš
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