About us

Pregnancy is referred to as expecting. So expect changes. Everything is going to be different. That’s why at least something should stay the same. In my case it was my style. The clothes that you are used to wearing all life. What suits you best.

I had no plans to carry my daughter in a wrap so I was surprised three years ago how small market for babywearing fashion is. Thanks to the wrap and baby carrier me and my daughter Tonča got where we needed and whenever we needed. I carry her from spring to winter, the first prototypes were tested by all my mothers friends. All of our pieces have been tested, reminded and changed many times, according to the experience of me and many other moms.

Nowadays we offer both babywearing options: only for front carry or for front and back carrying. When the baby grows up, you will have a stylish piece in the wardrobe.

We also design a functional and elegant fashion for mums and mums-to-be to feel comfortable and feminine during their motherhood.

Mama by Segra is a smaller version of our current brand Segrasegra, which focuses mainly on urban cycling. We’ve been examining how to make urban bike rides easier and more pleasant due to clothing. We thought then that designing something functional for bikes or children might not make a big difference.

Mama by Segra – elegant and functional fashion for mums and mums-to-be.

Wear your children with us.
Dáša Mertová, Eliška Mertová